Dunvegan Pipes & Tartans


About Us

In 1976 Dunvegan Pipes and Tartans started out in the Apartheid era as a Bagpipe teaching school, in order to keep Scottish tradition and music alive during those difficult days. This was the brainchild of Pipe Major C. R. Mulinder who at one stage ran the Transvaal Scottish, and then the South African Irish Pipe Band. He also holds the RSPBA's advanced certificate, and the College of Piping's senior bagpipe teacher's certificate.Once the establishment got into fill swing the pressure of the times changed the situation from teaching bagpipes full time, to also incorporate the supply of bagpipes, and the Scottish equipment that went with it.This led to the changing of the shop name to Dunvegan Pipes and Tartans. (Dunvegan was the home on the Isle of Skye to the famous MacCrimmon piping family). To this day we still teach bagpipes and supply the Scottish fraternity to the best of our ability, in the concerted effort to keep a precious heritage alive